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We work on our goal of education in a variety of ways.  We do slide shows for local schools promoting conservation of their environment and their water resources and preservation of their indigenous language and customs.  We have received donations from a variety of sources to help provide extra school supplies, ranging from a set of basic supplies like paper, pens, etc. to a digital projector.  The children are the future of the region and will make those important decisions that will shape the regions and its land.  This goal is ongoing and requires long term commitment. 

Tony Akers, Simon Akers giving a donation, per PSM, to Lionel Cerqueda Rios, the elementary school director in Rio Santiago, a town in the municipal region of Huautla de Jimenez - Escuela Primaria Bilingue "Fransisco I Madero".  We were able to visit on a day with a special program, both in Mazatec and Spanish.  The children in all of the classes were doing a special project to document and learn about the natural plant medicines in the Sierra.  Some examples are rue, arnica, and mint.
The people of Agua de la Rosa, a small town in the municipal region of Huautla de Jimenez that is filled with beautiful karst dolines, welcomed us into their town back in January of 2013. Thankful for the friendly nature of the people, we came back here again this January, hoping to get permission to explore,  We found a small, but growing town, with about 100 elementary schoolchildren, who are in need of a proper school.  We were allowed to investigate some of the local caves, and in return, we gave a donation (funded through Mike Frazier through the Southern Mountain Colorado Grotto) to help build a new school! 

Cafetal Carlota  - a small town in the municipal region of San Bartolome Ayautla - has been our base in the Sierra Mazateca for the last ten years.  We receive enough donations that we are always able to provide a little extra help for their elementary school.  The following set of photos show end of quarter presentations by the children.  Simon, our son, was able to go to school there for a period, and learn Spanish and the indigenous language, Mazatec.  A widely spoken language in the Sierra, many of the more rural elementary schools still teach Mazatec.  Simon was able to interchange languages and teach a little English.
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