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We are dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the karst ecosystem in the Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition to discovering and exploring caves, our group is focused on preserving the highland cloud forests, precious water resources, and Mazatec cultural pride.  We develop conservation programs to educate the students.  We also help generate markets for the organic foods produced in the Sierra Mazateca region, such as coffee, sugar, and honey.  Future goals include the preservation and restoration of Cafetal Carlota. We look forward to adding more photos, trip reports, maps, and videos. 

Estamos dedicados a la exploración y la conservación de los ecosistemas kársticos en la Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, México. Además de descubrir y explorar cuevas, nuestro grupo se centra en preservar los bosques de niebla, preciosos recursos hídricos, y mazateca orgullo cultural. Desarrollamos programas de conservación para educar a los estudiantes. También nos ayudará a generar los mercados para los alimentos orgánicos producidos en la región Sierra Mazateca, tales como el café, el azúcar y la miel. Metas para el futuro incluyen la conservación y restauración de Cafetal Carlota. Esperamos con interés a la adición de más fotos, los informes de viajes, mapas y vídeos.



View of the large room and pit, "Sinkhole de Mayo"
photo by: Ron Adams, 2015

   View of the Sierra Mazateca, above the clouds; December 26, 2014 



A cloud forest, filled with vines, epiphytes, orchids.......
Imagine climbing up through the rainforest, battling hanging vines with your machete, wishing you were wearing gloves, because there are strange nettles and spiny trees, and suddenly you are surrounded by begonias grandes, with huge leaves and flowers in pink and white.......
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With the generous help and support from cavers, friends, grants, our own energy and love, we are able to continue working toward our overall goals. Each year brings adventures, challenges, parties, and life-changing experiences for us all.

Con la generosa ayuda y el apoyo de espeleólogos, amigos, los subsidios, nuestra propia energía y amor, somos capaces de continuar trabajando para lograr nuestros objetivos generales. Cada año trae consigo aventuras, retos, partes, y modificar la vida de experiencias para todos nosotros.

The Proyecto Sierra Mazateca Corporation, now registered in the state of Indiana as a non-profit corporation, was formed as of September 4, 2012. The purposes of the Proyecto Sierra Mazateca Corporation, defined in Article 11 of the Articles of Incorporation, are to protect, explore, and study the karst ecosystem, and to promote water conservation and Mazatec culture preservation within the Sierra Mazateca, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

More specifically, we have defined these areas to focus on:

  • Science – document and explore caves, conduct biology, ecology, and geology studies
  • Conservation –working with local and state authorities to promote conservation of the upper cloud forest regions and water conservation.
  • Education – teach local schoolchildren and communities about the karst ecosystem and their future role in its protection
  • Preservation – promoting indigenous Mazatec culture, Mazatec language, historical sites, and traditional farming techniques.
La formación del Proyecto Sierra Mazateca Corporation, está registrado en el estado de Indiana como una corporación sin fines de lucro, a partir de 4 de septiembre, 2012. Los propósitos del Proyecto Sierra Mazateca Corporation, que se define en el artículo 11 de los artículos de incorporación, es el de proteger, explorar, y el estudio los ecosistemas kársticos, y para promover la conservación del agua y cultura Mazateca preservación, en la Sierra Mazateca, en el estado de Oaxaca, México.

Más específicamente, hemos definido estas esferas se concentren en:
  • Ciencia - documento y explorar cuevas, conducta biología, ecología y geología estudios
  • Conservación -trabajando con las autoridades locales y estatales a fin de promover la conservación de los bosques nubosos regiones superior y la conservación de los recursos hídricos.
  • Educación - enseñar los niños y niñas de las escuelas y las comunidades sobre la los ecosistemas kársticos y su futuro papel en su protección
  • Preservación: la promoción cultura indígena Mazateca, Mazateca idioma, sitios históricos, y las técnicas agrícolas tradicionales.

THANK YOU - our DONORS FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE!   We have been fortunate to have a variety of donors for every year, providing us with equipment to help our cave exploration, and our education outreach and conservation efforts.  

Go to CAVE EXPLORATION to get updates, participants, and donors for this coming expedition in 2016!

We would like to thank our previous sponsors for their support to help preserve this important karst ecosystem and culture of the Sierra Mazateca:

National Speleological Foundation

National Speleological Society
Highline Rope, Canada
Karst Conservancy
Southern Colorado Mountain Grotto
CIG grotto of Indiana
Carlota Gardens, LLC
Frazier Tree & Shrub

We also thank the countless people, friends and cavers alike, who have helped and contributed to the project with their energy, smiles, and sweat. To name a few that have contributed with extra gear, funds, or other equipment:

Ron Adams
Mike Frazier
Greg McNamara
Bob Vandeventer
Rolland Moore
Rand Heazlitt
Dave Schmitt
Patti Cummings

AND all members of previous expeditions - listed on the EXPLORATION page.

We would not be able to do any cave exploration without the trust and kindness of the local Mazatec people.  Whether it be a friend or offical, we appreciate their willingness to let us in their worlds, and do our best to respect their spaces and customs.  Thank you!

Our extended family in the Sierra Mazateca. Tony, Marion, and Simon Akers, and Rolland Moore in photo with family members of Waldo and Ines and more from the family of Perfecto and Ines


Contact Information:
Proyecto Sierra Mazateca Corporation
711 North Broadway Street
Seymour, IN  47274
c/o Tony & Marion Akers

Please do feel free to fill out the questionnare below. We want to learn what area of the project you are interested in. This form is not required for a donation, but appreciated.
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